Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tak pernah menyesal

Life has been personally nothing but grey too lately. It rains almost everyday and this morning we had another series of soft rain dripping from the sky. I love it. I love seeing it touch the window and create dotted pattern. I love seeing it dripping down to the ground and making splash.

On the other side of equation, my job is getting more demanding than ever. I started to miss things that I should not miss, forgetting things I should not forget. Something like, quiet lunch and deep conversation with my friends.

I have a few real close friends... friends I turn to when I'm feeling down and friends who gather around me when I need them….and when things turn sour, I always have them to turn to. A shoulder to cry on, a cool head to talk to. Someone to console me and to calm me down, and someone to tell me I fucked up when I needed telling. God knows how I'd be if I dont have them.. hahaha
I do not regret much nowadays. I know there is a reason things end up the way it did. That there is a reason I made my choices the way I did. I may end up getting hurt or losing, or I may even end up in physical pain, but I say to myself that there is a reason it ended up the way it did. So I now look forward to discovering what it is that I am fated to have. The outcome of the choices that I made.

I hope the sky will turn blue sooner rather than later


:: Cikgu Wiween :: said...

erk..nih pun lidah terbelit mkn manyak almond london kah nih? speaking london pun mariiii! agagag ;p

Close frens are just like the air that we breath. Without them, we can't breath, let alone can live. ;)

i-chimera said...

ha'ah... byk sgt makan almon london dgn mama carrie... (cakap tu mesti ada pelat omputih sikit)

Ad Rifza said...

What is past is past.Sometimes life is not what we plan and it happened without a notices.But we are ask to plan what we want to do but dont forget the Doa..Frenz comes and frenz go..but the real true frenz is always there for us..even they're hurt even they're sad but they always be by our side..foreverr..Salam bloggers

:: Cikgu Wiween :: said...

erk..mama carrie kuih ape chime? ween tau lompat tikam jek. :p